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Why Facebook Reactions Matter

Facebook launched a new feature today where you can now “react” to comments as well as individual Facebook posts. This sparked my interest and I want to bring up why Facebook reactions are so important in the first place - why they matter.

With everything going digital, time flying by, and so much getting lost in translation - we really value every chance we have to connect with each other - on a slightly deeper level. Emotions matter. We each enjoy the small fact of knowing that we are important to someone and that someone cares. Miscommunication can happen when things get lost in translation - sometimes the heart of the matter, the spark of the conversation, the emotional connection - is missing.

Learn to look at digital media a little bit differently. Don't forget the connection, the relationships, the problems you solve and the reason you're in business in the first place!

Create a social media campaign full of genuine reactions and authentic passion to build a following to support and sustain your business. Use social media to drive a deeper connection with your audience and brand advocates. Make time to engage, comment and - react!

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