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Re-opening after COVID-19? Don't forget to make these #socialmedia updates for your business...

After many of us across the nation have been closed due to COVID-19, we are now beginning to slowly re-open our businesses with new changes and adaptations every day.

During this time, it's important to keep your customers up-to-date and share how they can best support your business. This includes making sure you've got some basic FAQ covered, like one of the top things I see overlooked - business hours!

Take the time to update your business hours on Facebook - and also other places online like your website, Google, Yelp and any other site you list or promote your business on.

While you may be thinking...if our hours are going to change again soon, do I really need to do that now? The simple answer...YES! Think of it from the side of your customer and make those common FAQ easy to access, don't make them search it out or pick up the phone to call and ask. Make it EASY.

It's time to reframe your thinking about social media and start using it as a tool to serve your customers. Provide valuable content that either educates, inspires or entertains your audience. When you create content that is relatable to your audience - they will pay attention and strengthen their trust and support of your business.

*If you're still struggling with what to post on social media - download my FREE social media recipe card that helps you create 1 month of content! It includes a PDF download and a video guide as well.

....Wishing you success!


Allie K.

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