Top 5 Time-Out Strategies for Productivity at Work

Today I'm sharing your dose of inspiration to kick off the week! I'm giving you 5 different ways to take a short break & come back to your work feeling refreshed! These are my top 5 timeout strategies to make you more productive!

TIP #1 - Stand up! Take a walk! If you can't go outside, walk around your office or maybe to the water fountain for a glass of water...make it a point to give set mini goals in your work day, hit those goals - take a break or stretch! Break up monotonous tasks this way & avoid too much screentime.

TIP #2 - Smile! This may seem silly or simple - but just try it! Smiling instantly boosts your mood & those around you! There is always something to be thankful for - start your day by writing down 3 things that you are thankful for, glance at the list when you need a timeout and just - smile! Instant energy & mood boost.