Trending topic: How the iPhone changed Social Media

Video is key in marketing your business or brand but it can often be intimidating. What equipment do you need? What will you talk about? ...What will you wear? What if you mess up or forget what you were talking about? What if no one is watching?

Instead of living in a land of "what ifs", I encourage you to jump into this new land of opportunity - full force. Throw caution to the wind and realize that you already have exactly what you need - You.

Common essentials for filming video are often readily available to the average business owner or entrepreneur. You don't need fancy soundproofing or microphones that are hundreds of dollars. Start simple. Work with what you've got.

That brings me to the recent anniversary of the iPhone - a truly revolutionary piece of technology that has changed the way each and every one of us interacts in our daily lives. From apps and email, weather and fitness trackers, to video calls real-time with friends, family & colleagues across the globe. This same piece of revolutionary technology is what I recommend using for your videos. Whether editing videos, streaming live, or recording a podcast, an iPhone is my recommended must-have. While there are certainly upgrade