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Instagram Set for Growth after Offering New User Access

Instagram recently rolled out a new function for their users and it has IG set for growth across the globe. Hoping to expand its users to those who can't or don't download apps, this new feature is still focused on mobile access. Sometimes limited connection is a hinderance for effective apps, so now - users can use mobile devices to login to and post thru the mobile website (using a web browser on a mobile device - phone, tablet, etc).

What this means....

No - you still can't post pictures to Instagram using a desktop computer - but - on any mobile device, you can visit their website and access almost full functionality of the app but now directly from the mobile web browser. Storage space or low web connections are no Ionger an excuse for not posting! Instagram is trying to make it easier to update on the go and stay connected thru the art of visual storytelling.

Are you a fan of Instagram? How often do you find yourself posting?

My recommendation for businesses is to stay consistent and post at least 1x day. It doesn't always have to be "in the moment" - crate a folder of images to have handy and ready to use - then when in a pinch, pair an appropriate comment and post! Don't overthink it!

Worried your target market isn't on Instagram? It's all about consistency and making connections! No matter your business - your customers are ON Instagram! It's all about how you connect and leverage your time on social media.

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