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3 Free Tools to Schedule #SocialMedia!

Are you ready to stress less on social media?

I'm able to take time away from the computer because I have pre-scheduled posts. I recommend stressing less by prepping your content and pre-scheduling standard FAQ, common things about your business that you already know and need to be sharing with your followers online.

Maybe your'e hosting an event soon, maybe you have a new product launch. You know those dates so go ahead and pre-schedule some of those posts so that you don't have to be stressed out.

Today I'm giving you my 3 tools that you can use for free (Yay free!) to schedule your posts on social media.

Facebook: Business pages on Facebook have a built in option to pre-schedule posts. I recommend using this function to pre-schedule posts direct on Facebook.

Twitter: My recommendation for easy scheduling on Twitter is, allowing you to pre-schedule posts and add photos.

Instagram: is my recommended app to use, paired with Instagram, to help prep content and captions for Instagram.

Those are my top three tool for pre-scheduling your social media and save time and stress online. Stop stressing out on social media and set yourself up for success!

To learn more about how I can help you improve your social media, visit:

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