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Content goldmine you've had all along! Instant online content

A lot of times people are wondering what to post on social media when they're actually sitting on a content goldmine.

*Try looking thru your website for catchphrases and business info that you may know like the back of your hand but your customers and followers might not. These valuable FAQ make great content to share again & again! *Try re-wording common phrases and/or pairing with different graphics to switch it up. (And remember - not everyone sees every single post you put up on social media - so don't be afraid to reuse content!) *Get creative in communicating your business mission, services, contact information, customer reviews and more. These are essentials and help your current and potential customers understand what problems you can help solve for them. Demonstrate your knowledge and provide value for your followers.

*If you don't currently have a website already set up, try reviewing your mission statement or take this as an opportunity to improve your website + content! Although the pace of #socialmedia is fast - it is possible to keep up! Using valuable techniques to make it easier, entrepreneurs and business owners can learn to use social media effectively. Growing your online outreach is essential to building a sustainable business and connecting with your customers. *If you're ready to take your business to the next level in 2017, join the group of social media entrepreneurs and business owners gathering for this years' #RevampRetreat! More info at:

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