3 Ideas for Live Video Content

You've heard it before.....live video is SO important if you want to get the most organic outreach online. Getting over fear of the camera is just one part......what about content? I'm sharing 3 ideas for live video content! Create content authentically and easily with this take-action advice!

#1 - Behind-the-Scenes

What current products can you feature? Do you have new items in an upcoming line? How about introducing an employee! There are lots of great options for giving customers a sneak peek behind-the-scenes!

#2 - Industry News

What new industry news can you share? Staying informed and continually educated in our field and this is a great way to pair that along with social media content. Stay up-to-date on topics related to your field, and then share interesting information that you find genuinely interesting and/or helpful!

#3 - Provide Value for Followers