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Facebook Business Page VS Personal - Save time this Holiday & Year Round

Save time with Scheduling!

FB Business Pages allow you to schedule! If you haven’t switched from a Personal Page to a Business Page on FB - do it now! There are many tools that can be very valuable to businesses and brand when you take advantage of using a FB Business page.

*Quick Tip: Take advantage of Facebook’s business page scheduling options and pre-schedule your posts for Facebook directly on Facebook instead of using an outside website to schedule posts.

Save time by scheduling standard CTA (Call to Action) & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

What are your current goals for social media? Are you preparing for a big holiday sale? Trying to get new followers? Or sending people to your website?

Set goals and create a list of call of action & FAQ posts that you can re-share.

Some examples of my standard posts that I reshare:

-Links to my Free Ebook

-Helpful social media standard tips

-About me info

Recommended for brick & mortar shops:


-Hours/seasonal hours

Recommended for all businesses:

-About me/Team bios/Company profile


-Customer favorite products

-Seasonal specials/Countdown ahead of time & create a buzz

*Quick Tip: If you directly ASK your followers to share - you are much more likely to see engagement/reshares. This means on Facebook, simply start your post with something like “Please Share!” and then the details.

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