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Developing a Cohesive Social Media Campaign

Whether you are just planning your social media strategy or already in full swing - it’s important to schedule time to step back and consider how well you are connecting your social media and how you can better create a cohesive campaign. Branding and business is about image - how your business portrays itself on social media creates a strong image and emotion with your current and potential customer. Are you showing your best on social media? Does your campaign reflect your business mission and goals - current and future?

With social media right at our fingertips - it’s important to remain professional and not always give into the impulse posting. When you set clear goals for your social media campaign, you can not only relieve the stress from the ongoing social media race - but also - keep customers directed towards a clear call-to-action. Setting goals monthly and also in 3 month increments allows you to stay on top of current trends, events and goals - while still planning your business focus and call-to-action in a way that you can set and see tangible results. Creating simple, attainable goals allows you to relieve stress from the never-ending to-do list and also - drive and attain the social media engagement that you are looking for.

*Set goals

*Stay true to your mission/voice

*Post consistently


Finding your voice and developing a community on social media is an evolving process that you can only continue to get better at - the more you learn simple tricks & techniques - and allow yourself to creatively problem solve the fast-paced industry. Social media is an undeniable tool for businesses, artists and public figures in today’s world. Take advantage of creating your story through paying attention to how you portray yourself/your business. Set boundaries, goals and a mission for your business - then let your voice shine thru!

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