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Essential Update for your Facebook Business Page

Don’t forget the details! This simple take-action tip is about a vital step in your Facebook marketing that you may overlook, but your customers are always looking at!

Our recent wintery weather in Portland, Oregon, reminded me about the topic I’m discussing today. During a winter storm, I searched online before heading out for a morning coffee - just to double-check that they were open. This is when I was reminded of Facebook’s business hours - highlighted in green when businesses are open, and red when they are closed. …How many businesses actually took the time to update their business page to reflect their change in hours for the bad weather? I started doing some research and found out - not as many as you’d think. This is such a simple step - but overlooked by many business owners. When I searched out my local coffee shop and saw that they had taken the time to write a simple status update to let everyone know they would be open - I thanked them when I stopped in for my morning latte.

It’s the little details like updating your business hours that show followers that you are not only active but relevant. Seasonal subjects and timely, relatable posts are more likely to get shared organically with your audience, getting you a farther outreach with your social media. Take the time to fill out your profile on social media as much as you can - and remember, update your business hours during times like bad weather, holidays and seasonal events. Your customers will notice and thank you!

To update your Facebook business hours,

follow the simple how-to video below:

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