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Promoting Black Friday Sales on Social Media - 3 Quick Tips

Sharing 3 quick tips that you can use to promote your Black Friday and/or other sales on social media!

#1 - Take advantage of video! Consider doing a live video highlighting top sales, or try a slideshow with different images and a voiceover. Whatever makes it easiest for you - but - whether you go live or upload a premade video, try experimenting with video to instantly boost your organic outreach.

#2 - Don't forget a call-to-action. Let your followers know what sales are going on, sale prices and where and how they can shop! Make it obvious and easy for shoppers to purchase products and support your business!

#3 - Make it easy by pre-scheduling posts. Save yourself time and stress and be able to stay more consistent online by learning to prep posts ahead of time and preschedule on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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