10 Apps Always on My Phone

These are 10 apps that I always have on my phone! They are helpful for lifestyle, business organization and social media.

10 - Forest: Spending too much time on your phone? This app lets your set a timer on your phone, monitoring how much time you spend. Bonus feature - as your time adds up, it actually goes towards funding reforestation projects & planting trees! Stop over-checking your phone & help build a forest!

9 - Later: Scheduling app that helps to pre-schedule and post Instagram photos. Free up to 30 posts per month, affordable + easy to use! Save time by prepping content.

8 - Pages for FB: Monitor FB insights, see notifications and easily monitor several FB pages at a time.

7 - Calm: Sometimes we all need a time-out....start your day with a morning meditation or end with a deep sleep relaxation session - this app has something for everyone - whether you have every meditated or not, this app is well worth a try!

6 - Ripl: Want an affordable option for creating videos to share on social media? Look no further! This is one of the simplest ways to create slideshows, add text, music + seasonal themes & more.

5 - iMovie: Another great app for creating videos - it's got a short learning curve but off