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Facebook Announces Facebook Live for Personal Accounts (& Pages)

Exciting news for anyone following the live streaming trend or interested in social media at all -

Previously, Facebook had rolled out something called Facebook Live - similar to the live streaming sites like periscope or meerkat - but it was only available to people with high profile counts or what is called twitter mentions

Now - Facebook has announced it is launching facebook live to personal accounts in the us - starting with iphone users and only about 5% of accounts. this gives not only celebrities and high follower accounts a voice, but also individual users. facebook is expecting that personal users will use it to share events and special moments in their lives.

Advertisers and brands however, are waiting to see when it will be available for pages as well. it is rumored to be launching in the future but no date has been mentioned yet.

How this effects your brand and business right now? and how can you start prepping for live streaming on facebook?

Start priming your facebook page with videos

Consider how you can share your story - what behind the scenes moments will you share on live streaming? start planning ahead and brainstorming now if you haven’t yet started live streaming

Join in the action! periscope, blab and meerkat are all active live streaming sites right now. if you aren’t ready to turn the camera on yourself yet - join the conversation by viewing other broadcasts and commenting!

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